Detailing Services

What is car detailing? Car detailing is the process by which a vehicle is cleansed, corrected and protected to beyond a showroom quality finish.

Using a combination of the finest chemicals, materials and expertise, we leave a level of finish on your vehicle which most have never experienced before.

Another important element in car detailing is the protection stage. This is the process by which layers of protective coating/wax are applied to prevent dirt and contamination sticking to your car. The modern road throws a lot at your car every day and with more cars on the road than ever, the pollution hitting your paintwork can be damaging and costly.

From start to finish our aim is to improve your vehicle both inside and out and provide a layer of protection for months to come.Whilst the main reason to have your car detailed is to protect it from the elements and ordinary use, a secondary reason is to preserve its appearance and value. At DSJ we believe a thorough detail of a vehicle prior to sale will ultimately dazzle a potential buyer and make it harder for them to see blemishes; scratches etc. to use as a price negotiating tool.

Furthermore, a well executed classic car detail will preserve the longevity of a classic cars paintwork and its overall appearance to the wider public.