Ultra Cleanse Detail from £200

Alloy Wheels & Drums - All wheels are carefully removed one by one, then using a non acidic Billberry wheel cleaner and ultra soft brushes we rid your alloys of road grime and dirt. We then apply a dedicated ferrous iron remover to safely eliminate the brake dust build up that can cause rust and other more serious damage if left untreated. **This process is altered should you have chrome wheels**

Tyres & Wheel Arches - Using a dedicated tyre de-greaser and stiff bristle brushes we clean your tyres and arches to restore the natural blackness which further enhances your beautiful alloy. Many car washes will simply apply a greasy tyre shine gel which does nothing more than seal the dirt into the rubber and can cause the tyres to be less effective if not dangerous in wet conditions.

PH Neutral Snow Foam & Citrus Pre-Wash - Bugs, tree sap and other tough grime can be difficult to remove with just car soap and can be the cause of much lower bodywork damage. Our citrus pre-wash is designed to attack this heavier grime, while our dedicated snow foam encapsulates and safely loosens it ready for the first rinse.

Luxury Shampoo Handwash - The 2 bucket hand wash is the most important stage and it is often the biggest cause of scratches and swirl marks. Using the finest PH neutral shampoo and only the highest quality wash mitts we cleanse your vehicle from top to bottom leaving a clean, scratch free finish.

Iron Fallout & Tar Removal - After a thorough cleanse of your car we may still find tough and stubborn deposits that have bonded to your paint over time and require special attention. Using both ferrous iron and tar remover we rid the car of this harmful material which can be the cause of clear coat failure and rust spots.

Clay Bar Treatment - Now we have removed the contamination from above the painted surface its time to tackle the embedded dirt which causes your paint to feel rough and look dull. Using a dedicated car clay, we set about smoothing the paint surface to create a surface ready to be polished.

2nd Luxury Handwash - As a last ''belt and braces'' stage we re-wash the entire car to remove and clay residue and loose particles left over from the clay bar.

Soft Towel & Air Jet Drying - Using only ultra plush drying towels with a thickness of 1000 GSM we remove all water from your cars bodywork, alloys and glass. Then using a warm air nozzle we remove any remaining water hiding in cracks and crevices to ensure the car is bone dry.

Interior Valet - Firstly we fully vacuum the entire interior to ensure all surfaces are completely dust and debris free. We then use a dry streamer to refresh the leather/fabric seats, doors and console areas to ensure they are completely clean and sanitised. We also steam clean your engine bay, door jams and boot surround as standard to leave you with that new car look. Finally we clean all interior glass surfaces to improve your visibility and driving experience.

Why Our Clients Love Us

  • "Went there today and met the guys, I knew Adam already but was good to meet Dan as well.Gave some good advice on what I was buying from them too.All round nice guys and willing to help. I'll be a regular, cheers lads." Adam Rowland (Facebook)
  • "My husband gets his R8 detailed on a regular basis from Dan and it always looks like new when it comes back. I have had my Q5 done by Dan too and it looks amazing when it comes back. Can't recommend this company enough, we won't take out cars anywhere else" Beverley Gildersleve R8 (Facebook)
  • "I can't recommend DSJ highly enough. They truly care about cars and are as passionate as I am about perfection. I have my care stored in their excellent air tent facility and have absolutely no hesitation in saying that Daniel and his team are truly the best. Congratulations on a great facility and great customer service. And above all, thank you!" David Corfield (Facebook)
  • "Being a true petrol head, I love my cars and use them as much as I can. From the day that I tested DSJ with my 1996 Boxster, I have never looked back. They now look after my eclectic Porsche collection from the 1970 911T to my 997 Gen 2 Turbo. Tried, tested and they always deliver." George
  • "Our family car was desperately in need of tlc after summer holidays, 2 children, 2 dogs and a lot of sand, mud etc. The DSJ team have done a brilliant job with a full valet and we will be back. NO more trips to the car wash, we'll leave it to the pros to look after the paintwork" Susie Caney Volvo XC60 (Facebook)
  • "I have known DSJ only a short while but my initial contact with them gave me the comfort I needed to store my classic car with them. As far as car storage facilities are concerned they have one of the best. What really gave me confidence was the level of insurance cover they provide." Bertie
  • "My car has never looked so good! It came out gleaming which left me delighted to drive her around. Having owned the car for a couple of years I can truly say that the full detail option left her looking newer than the day I collected her." Jessica